On October 4, 2014, Aloha Island Lei had the honor and privilege of working side by side with the American Cancer Society on the #Survivorsewn project. The purpose of our event was to have breast cancer survivors in Hawaii spread Aloha across the nation during Breast Cancer Awareness month. The American Cancer Society graciously approved our event to run with their Making Strides Against Breast cancer event in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Breast Cancer Survivors enthusiastically helped sew over 5,000 dendrobium orchid flowers and turned them into 100 fresh flower leis. The leis were then sent to the St. Louis Missouri division of the American Cancer Society. The leis were distributed to cancer survivors as a tribute to their bravery to fight cancer head on. Aloha Island Lei provided the flowers, dewing needles, string, and all shipping costs to get the leis to St. Louis, Missouri. Many survivors expressed high levels of cheer as they felt this event was a great way to connect with others around the nation who have gone through the same struggle. The Aloha Island Lei team was extremely touched and ecstatic to see the willingness of each survivor to contribute to this novel event.


The event was a success measure by all the thank you correspondences they received from the recipients in St. Louis. Also measured by the willingness of survivors to participate in this event next year. All in all, the event was a huge success and Aloha Island Lei was privileged to be part of it.