A birthday is a great time to spend with your loved ones. Adding a fresh lei to a party, with its beauty and fragrance, gives the celebration a special touch. A birthday party isn’t complete without someone giving a lei to the birthday boy or girl to show appreciation and affection. The lei can be anything from the maile lei with its masculine tradition to the floral and fragrant lei made from carnations. There are so many types of leis that are perfect for a birthday party that virtually any type can be used to add some fun to the day and to show the recipient how special they are.

When a person throws a birthday party, they often want to have leis available for all of the guests. This allows everyone to be a part of the birthday celebration, and it gives the group cohesion. It brings the guests together, and it allows them something special that they can take home at the end of the party. The occasion of a baby’s first birthday is a perfect time to give a birthday lei, but each birthday is special and each can be celebrated with a lei. It may be a milestone birthday or simply a birthday that you want to be brighter and more fun. With the gift of a fresh lei, the celebration will always be more fun and the recipient will always feel special.

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