While maile is sometimes referred to as the maile flower, it is actually a leaf. The maile lei is genrally worn open ended, but a closed maile lei can also be created. This lei is Hawaii’s most popular lei for its long tradition on the islands and its good looks. Maile is its Hawaiian name, and Alyxia oliviformis is its scientific name. The leaf has a dark green hue, and its scent is a woodsy fragrance with just a hint of spice and vanilla. It is not tinted because its dark green color is so popular and sought after in Hawaiian leis. The maile leaf is delicate, and when refrigerated its leis will stay fresh for three days. It will turn brown if exposed to excessive heat.

The maile lei is a symbol of respect, peace, friendship and love. In Old Hawaii, this lei was the lei of royalty. Kahunas, Hawaiian priests, used maile leis to bind the bride and groom’s hands together as a symbol of their unity. The Hilo method of twisting is often used to make a maile lei for sale. Maile leaves are sometimes paired with the pikake, tuberose or white orchid to add pops of white to the lei. Graduations, proms and weddings are the perfect times to order maile leis. It’s common to buy maile leis for a groom or for any man who has a special occasion coming up. The maile leis below are a great way to find a special lei for a special man.

*For customers in California, the ti leaf will be substituted due to agricultural restrictions.

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