Hawaiian Chocolates

Macadamia nuts are a treat that are an authentic part of the Hawaiian experience. They are a part of many delicious Hawaiian candies and add a unique taste and delectable crunch. When you give these candies to someone, you give them a taste of the islands. Give Mele macs to give them the amazing mixture of tastes of macadamia nuts, chocolate, powdered sugar and toffee. Caramacs are a delicious Hawaiian treat made from chocolate and caramel that cover macadamia nuts for plenty of island flavor in every bite. For lovers of the delicious macadamia nut, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts use milk chocolate to envelop the nuts and add a smooth, sweet flavor to them.

If you know someone who misses the beauty and exotic tastes of the islands, giving a gift of Hawaiian candies is the perfect way to give them that island taste. The candies make a perfect gift for a host to show your appreciation for hospitality. For family gatherings, bringing Hawaiian candies brings a fun island taste to the occasion. If you think the luxurious tastes of the islands may tempt you, buy two and keep one for yourself!

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