Ceremonies & Blessings

Blessings and ceremonies are important to those in the Hawaiian islands as well as in cultures around the world. All of these celebrations have integrated the lei into the occasion to add more meaning to the festivities as well as to add some beauty and fun. It’s easy to buy a lei as a gift, and the gift is one that is full of meaning for the recipient. When a blessing is done, giving a lei is a lovely way to show your appreciation for the blessing. A lei may be integrated into the blessing as well. The traditional Hawaiian priest, known as a kahuna, may give a lei as he bestows the blessing.

There are many ceremonies around the world that are steeped in tradition in and meaning. From a baby’s christening ceremony to a housewarming, these ceremonies are special for all who attend. When you give a lei for these occasions, you show your affection and appreciate during a meaningful time. During important times in your loved ones’ lives, giving a lei made from fresh flowers or greenery that has used traditional artistic methods to weave it into a lei is always a thoughtful and welcome gift.

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