Graduation Leis

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The gift of ¬†graduation leis is a long-standing tradition in Hawaii. Now, you don’t have to graduate in Hawaii to be a part of the fun and meaningful tradition. Giving a lei to a graduate shows them your pride, respect, love and more. It is a symbol of your wish for good luck, and it commemorates both the special event and the special person who is graduating. The spirit of aloha is beautifully represented by the lei, and it demonstrates love and welcome. At graduation time, it shows the graduate the love and support their loved ones have for them.

When a graduate has a lei to wear, it makes them feel supported and special. It also lets loves ones express their respect and appreciation for the graduate. A graduation lei can be made from flowers, ti leaves, kukui nuts or many other beautiful materials. No matter which materials make the lei, it will show the graduate how much respect the giver has for them. It’s also fun for the graduate to show off their leis to others. Wearing the lei allows anyone to connect to the lush, exotic plants of Hawaii as well as its animals, scenery and people. Add some fun to any graduation, and make the graduate feel special, with this traditional and memorable graduation gift.

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