Giving someone the gift of a lei is a great way to show them how much you respect them and how much affection have for them. The Hawaiian lei has a history that goes back to the Polynesian settlers of the islands who brought their traditions of making and wearing leis with them to the lush Hawaiian islands. Their traditions have continued both in Hawaii and on the mainland because of the beautiful look and smell of these garlands.

Everyone from those celebrating a birthday to graduates loves to get and wear the gift of a fresh Hawaiian lei. Leis are the perfect gifts for luaus, anniversaries and virtually any other occasion when people gather to celebrate. They are also fun to wear just for the sake of wearing them, even when there is no special occasion.

Leis have long been made from a wide range of materials found on the Hawaiian islands. Many different types of flowers, nuts, leaves and shells are used in crafting our authentic Hawaiian leis. The tradition behind these materials, and their beauty, make them just the right materials for adding a festive touch to your occasion and brightening the day of anyone who receives one.

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