A luau is an amazing celebration that brings ancient traditions together with modern forms of fun and means of comfort. The grand feast of ancient tradition has continued in the modern luau that is a fun way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or just for people to have a good time and good meal together. The luau generally includes plenty of food, lots of smiling guests and some entertainment to make the party festive.

Attending a luau is the classic way for visitors to join in with Hawaiian traditions during their time on the islands. Throwing your own luau can allow you to embrace some of the ancient traditions of Hawaii by wearing the lei. This garland is more than just beautiful materials worn for their color and scent. Since ancient times, the lei has been a part of the tradition of the Hawaii luau. Any variety of the lei can be worn to a luau as long as the wearing enjoys it.

If you are hosting the luau, having a number of different types of leis available for your guests allows them each to choose the one that they like best. Luau leis can be made from just about any beautiful flower, seed or nut, including ginger blossoms, orchids, maile leaves, carnations, ti leaves and kukui nuts. A lei that makes you feel good is the perfect one for you to wear to a luau.

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