Orchid Heads

Hawaii is known for its lovely orchids, and the orchid head is the most beautiful part of this plant. They are often used to decorate a bride’s head and can be worn in any woman’s hair for any occasion to add some color and beauty to her look. Orchids come in so many sizes and colors that you can find just the right one that will look best in your hair for a party or fun night out. Orchids come in everything from subtle white blossoms to bright blues and pinks. With such a range of color, this is a versatile flower with a color for every taste.

Use several orchid heads to create a lovely bouquet of orchids for your table. You can also create your own lei by stringing them together. Add island flavor to any table by using them on your tabletops to create an exotic tablescape. With fresh orchid heads, there is no end to the decorations that you can put together. For dinner parties, bring one as a gift or put one in your hair to make the evening more festive.

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