Warm weather and water, no snow, no cold, beautiful beaches, and all of this in December. Where is this magical place? The Hawaiian islands of course. If you’re tired of the cold and want to see a bit of dun and paradise you couldn’t pick a better place to spend your time than in Hawaii for Christmas.

Because you won’t be the only one that has this idea, Christmas in Hawaii is a popular destination so can be rather crowded and therefore isn’t the cheapest time to travel to Hawaii. However, the benefits of spending Christmas in your bathing suit can make it worth it, among many other benefits of course.

The first decision to make is deciding where you want to go. Hawaii has eight islands, although you can only stay on six of them, therefore offering a lot of choices for things to do, each having its own unique offerings. First make a list of the kinds of activities you and your family enjoy then consult the links below to help determine which island is best for you.

Hawaii for first-timers: how to choose an island
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Once you’ve decided which island is right for you, the earlier you plan the better you can do on prices. Certainly you can sometimes have great luck with last minute deals but that is the opposite of planning. Set up flight price alerts and watch them closely to discover when the best time to buy your flight.

Check out some of these sites on great ideas for getting the best flight deals. It is often generally accepted that buying a ticket about six months in advance is ideal. Also the earlier you have the ticket in hand the earlier you can start officially daydreaming about your trip.

Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights
When Should You Buy Your Ticket

When booking your flight you’ll want to plan out your accommodations. You can of course find flight and hotel deals on many of the big sites but sometimes it can be more cost effective to look elsewhere and book separately. If you are traveling with a larger family consider Airbnb as resource to finding a place that can accommodate everyone. Airbnb locations generally are less like a resort than hotels, so that is something to keep in mind.

Also depending on the island a car rental might be necessary, something you’ll need to plan for you and again an early reservation is a good idea.

Christmas Dinner. It’s of course still a holiday so not everything will be open on Christmas day so if it is also important to plan in advance your Christmas dinner. Open Table has a fantastic resource that can be found HERE, keep in mind this is only for 2014 so for later years the you might need to search for the right link (‘best christmas dinner hawaii’). This lists the restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day and includes links to their menu. Again as it’s a popular Christmas location and a big holiday the earlier you make your dinner reservations the better off you’ll be.

Remember that when packing you should not pre-wrap your christmas gifts if they are carry on, if they are being checked however this isn’t a problem.

Christmas in Hawaii is guaranteed to be a trip you’ll never forget. Start booking and daydreaming now!