Beautiful beaches, water that can’t be beat, deep blue water. There is a reason people love Hawaii and for these same reasons some shows have decided to use these picturesque locations to film tv and features. Below we’ve list five of the most poplar shows to have filmed in Hawaii.



While ‘Lost’ doesn’t take place in Hawaii, this extremely popular television show was filmed on the island Oahu. The show was over 121 episodes and was crtically acclaimed. A variety of areas in Hawaii were used to replicate places all over the world from California to Australia. Filmmakers chose Hawaii because of the wide variety of locations it prvoided. ‘Lost’ has won a number of awards and has been given the honor of being the 27th best written tv show of all time by the Writers Guilf of America.


Hawaii Five 0

The original series was filed between 1968 and 1980, an incredible 12 year run. This show was recently remade and is still being filmed to this day. The remad started airing in 2010 and still plays to this day. Airing of Hawaii Fove-0 has had a mraked positive effect on the local economy. The local company Kona Brewing saw a 60 percent increase aftering being featured on the show.


Dog The Bounty Hunter

This popular reality show started airing in 2004 and airs to this day in syndication, however episodes stopped being filmed in 2012. The show follows bounty hunter, nicknamed, “Dog” as he tracks bail jumper around Hawaii and sometimes his home state of Colorado. This show has been embroiled in a number of controversoes throughout the series being filmed.


Magnum P.I.

Another one of th longest running shows filmed in Hawaii. Magnum P.I. filmed from 1980 to 1988 on Oahu. One of the highest rated shows of when it was airing the show also gave start to actor Tom Sellecks popularity. Apparently, his obligations to the show resulted in his turning down the role of Indiana Jones, something that one can onlu presume he continues ti regret to this day. The show follows Private Investigator Thomas Sullivan Magnum who lives in a extravagent guest house. The show even referenced Hawaii Five-0s elite polite force on several occasions.


Baywatch: Hawaii

Baywatch at one time was the most watched tv show on the planet. Filmed from 1989 to 2011 the show followed fie guards in their day to day patrol. For most of its run it was filmed and took place in Los Angeles except for 1999 to 2001 when it was overhauled to Baywatch Hawaii. The state worked hard to bring th filmming of the series to Hawaii and had a hand in its rebradning as Baywatch /hawaii. Forty four episodes in whole were filmed in Hawaii at a vost of $870,000 per episode, 60% of which was spent in Hawaii.

In addition to these tv shows there are over 30 others filmed in Hawaii. What’s your favorite show filmed in Hawaii