He'e Berry

On long branches in Hawaii, the he’e berry can be found. The branches resemble tentacles, giving this berry the nickname “octopus tree berry.” The berries are bright red and have a long history of being used in leis, and are common in Christmas leis. He’s is the Hawaiian name for these berries, and Sida fallax is the scientific name. The round, red berries are unscented. They are not dyed or tinted because they already have a bright and pleasing red color. After your he’e berry Hawaiian lei arrives, it should be refrigerated and will last four days.

The he’e berry is sometimes called the Christmas berry because of its color, and it is used in Christmas decorations and in holiday leis. This berry grows wild in Hawaii’s rainforests, and it is also cultivated for use in leis and other decorations. However, it is an invasive plant in Hawaii. Single-strand leis are usually made with this berry, and they may be paired with tuberoses and ti leaves. They make fun Christmas leis and are a great gift for anyone at Christmastime or anytime you want a loved one to have a beautiful lei.

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