For just the right anniversary gift, giving an anniversary lei is a great way to bring a piece of Hawaiian tradition, as well as love and respect, to the recipient. For centuries, leis have been a part of Hawaiian life and tradition, and now anyone can be a part of this tradition no matter where they live. On your anniversary, giving a Hawaiian lei to your spouse adds some fun to the celebration, but the lei is also a symbol of the love and respect you have for your husband or wife.

For your anniversary celebration, you can give yourself and your spouse a lei each, or you can each present each other with a lei. In one beautiful, meaningful package, the lei represents many things. The woven structure and its circular shape represent the union of two lives and eternity. The materials that are used to create your leis represent your emotions toward your spouse, and they can also be symbols of the masculine and feminine that are brought together in your marriage.

For anniversaries, men are often given a lei made from ti leaves, and women are often given floral leis. However, it’s up to each couple which types of leis they want to wear and to give. There are so many beautiful anniversary leis made from so many lovely and meaningful materials that you and your spouse can find leis that are just right for your celebration.

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