Ti Leaf

The ti leaf isn’t a flower, but it is often used in leis for its beautiful green leaves. The Hawaiian name is lau-ki or kī, and the scientific name is Cordyline terminalis. These leaves have a medium-green color and are unscented. They can be used by themselves to create a lovely traditional lei, or they may be paired with flowers to add other colors to the lei. Its rich, green hue is not tinted. The ti leaf is durable and will last four days after its delivery when it is kept cool. A ti leaf lei can also be dried and kept for a longer period.

This leaf symbolizes positive blessings, protection and the Creator. The ti leaf has long been important to Hawaiian culture, and royalty once wore these leis to display their status. The leaves were also used as medicine, used as both a fever reducer and a way to keep medicines in place. The Hawaiian ti leaf lei is often made by using the Hilo weave of twisting. Ti leaves can be used with ginger flowers, kukui nuts and orchids to create memorable leis. These durable leaves are great for gifts to both men and children. They are often worn to weddings, funerals, graduations and anniversaries. When this lei is shipped to Hawaii, we can substitute the ti leaf with mock orange leaves. The ti leaf leis below are lovely, traditional leis that make thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

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