Why Flower Leis Are Perfect For Graduation

Graduation is one of the most important things for a child, and for a parent; one of the proudest days as well. After all, it is one of the events in a child’s life that represents an ascent into adulthood. And since this day is of such high significance, you will want to make sure to make it a memorable one. One such way to do that is to incorporate flower leis into celebratory arrangements and parties, which can really help to also make everyone at the party feel welcomed and special.

A lei is a symbol of love and respect.  Graduation is the perfect time to show your love, pride and respect for such an important day.  It commemorates the accomplishment and the graduate can wear it throughout the day and into evening celebratory events.

Of course, flower leis are not something that you can choose and use all willy nilly like. You not only want to make sure that there is appropriate theming involved in the flower leis, but also that the leis are something that both you and your graduating child would enjoy. If you do not already have this information at the ready, you can always ask them while you are in the process of setting up the graduation party.

If your child is involved in the actual planning (or at least being let in on the fact that a party is happening to begin with), this part is easy. After all, you can just go up to them and say “hey, what kind of flowers do you like? What color is your favorite?” In that case, it is just that simple. If you are throwing them a surprise party however, this can be a little bit tricky. Incorporating the colors of your child’s school is another option.  It’s possible to get orchids grown or tinted in your child’s favorite color or their school’s them colors.

Now that we are past the planning stages, we can move onto… well, more planning! Your next step is to actually obtain them. You can certainly purchase flower leis, though you also want to determine whether it’s worth it to get something more standardized or even to custom make the flower leis yourself. It is definitely not nearly the hardest thing in the world, but if some find it difficult to find enough fresh flowers to make a decent lei. So if you’re not confident in your skills or don’t have the natural resources, turning to someone else may be your best option.

Flower leis don’t have to use just flowers, of course. In addition to flowers, the design can incorporate a number of other natural decorations. These can include nuts, candies, sea shells, and more. Depending on the atmosphere that you want the party to have, one of these – if not something entirely – can really help provide a thematic through line for the whole party. Even the simplest of items can make the biggest of differences.

If you are looking to use something to do something fresh and original with your child’s graduation party, flower leis may be the right choice for you.