This lovely flower is delicate and very small. It is renowned for its strong fragrance and its beautiful white color. Its traditional Hawaiian name is pī kake, and its scientific name is Jasminum sambac. Each tiny, bell-shaped blossom is soft white with a sweet scent. Some pikakes also have green accents. They are not dyed or tinted. A pikake lei is delicate, and it should not be handled any more than necessary. Keep this lei dry and cool by wrapping it in wax paper and keeping it in the refrigerator until it is worn.

The pikake flower is a symbol of romance and love. This flower was brought to the Hawaiian islands in the 1800s and soon became a favorite of the royals. Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani loved the jasmine flower as well as peacocks, and she named this flower after the Hawaiian word for peacock- pikake. Pikake leis are made with the kui (piercing) lei-making style. The pikake can be paired with a number of Hawaiian leaves and flowers. Pikake flowers are sometimes added to an unscented lei to give it a scent. Brides often wear leis made from white pikake flowers, and they are popular for others to wear to weddings as well. They are also popular for birthdays and anniversaries and are usually worn by women. The pikake leis below offer the soft, white hue and sweet fragrance of this lovely flower.

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