Cigar Flower

The tiny bloom of the cigar flower has a shape and color that makes it resemble a lit cigar. Its bright colors and durability have made it a flower that has long been used in leis. The traditional Hawaiian name is kī kā or kika, and the scientific name is Cuphea ignea. The cigar flower features multiple colors with oranges and reds being the most common. Some also contain a dark pink hue. They are unscented. They are not given a tint because they already have vibrant natural colors. A cigar flower lei is sought-after for its durability and will last up to two weeks after delivery when refrigerated. These leis can also be dried and used even longer.

Respect and affection and symbolized by the cigar flower lei. In the mid-1800s, Hawaiians started to cultivate this plant to use its flowers in leis. The lei itself uses a rope-like weave that requires about 2,000 of these blossoms to create a full, lush lei. The leis may use cigar flowers by themselves, or these flowers may be combined with ti leaves for their greenery. The cigar flower lei is generally considered a male lei, but some women also enjoy wearing these leis. See the lush and colorful cigar flower leis below and choose one of these fresh, durable leis for your next occasion.

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