Halloween is just around the corner and preparing for this glorious day is best done early rather than later.

Last minute costumes are always the worst and can be picked out of a crowd entirely too easily. “Oh see that ‘ghost’ over there? The one with the sheet? Last minute.” You don’t want to be that person.

Start planning your costime now and you’ll not only have a less stressful Halloween, but you’ll also look so much better for it.

Also consider group costumes, nothing is a bigger hit than a group of people that are dressed either the same or as a theme. Scoobie Doo anyone?!?! It’s been done before but always a hit.

Now you have a costume planned the day is nearly here. Now what? Here are the top 5 things to do in Hawaii for Halloween.

1. Visit a Haunted House
Costume not necessarily required. Love getting your adrenaline spiked? Screaming in fear? Then you should absolutely get some friends together and visit one of these haunted houses.

Haunted Plantation
Located in Waipahu, this is one of the islands largest and longest running haunted houses. Price starts at $15 per person and the house is only opened on weekends. This house is sure to give you lasting nightmares.

Nightmares Live Haunted Attraction
A haunted house and haunted maze are offered here. As with most haunted houses prepare to wait a bit in line, bring a book or your smart phone at least (of course you’ll have that anyways). Ample parking and food is available on site.

Haunted Lagoon
Located at the Polynesian Culture Center, this haunted house is unique in that it’s based on Hawaii legends and myths. Check their website for details as they are released, Polynesian Culture Center.

Haunted Village
This is a haunted house that the entire family can enjoy. Focusing more on spooky, this house isn’t meant to haunt your dreams, not only but most of the activities are free!

2. Trick or Treat
That’s what Halloween is all about isn’t it? Candy and lots of it? Take your kids trick or treating and help gather them some loot. Then later you get to “check their candy for satety” ie take out all the stuff that you want for yourself. Manoa Valley area is a creat safe area for your kids to walk door to door saying the magic words that bring forth free candy. “Trick or Treat!”

3. Visit a Pumkin Patch
This is a required visit if you have little ones. There is nothing cooler than selecting a pumpkin and taking it home to find the jack-o-lantern contained inside. Parking and admission to the farm is free while pumpkins of course will cost you. The pumpkin patch on the island can be found at Waimanalo Country Farm or Aloun Farms. Keep an eye on their websitre for details on when the patch is open.

4. Go to a Big Halloween Party!
Halloballo Block Party in China Town
You’ve stressed about and finally found your perfect costume. Now where are you going to best show it off? The block party of course! This is the 7th year this party has been thrown and there is nothing more fun than thousands of people getting together to celebrate the holiday. Dancing and drinks are available. This is an adults only event so time to find a babysitter.

5. Throw a Halloween Party
You’ve been looking for a reason to throw a party haven’t you? Now is your chance. Invite your favorite people over for a Halloween themed party. Kid friendly or adults only, it’s your party so your choice. But whatever you do, make sure you require costumes, as a Halloween part without costumes isn’t a Halloween party at all.

Beyond offering your normal food options of excellent BBQ or Hawaiian food, consider making some of these “Scary Halloween Receipes.

Halloween is a holiday that can be any number of things, it just depends on your preference. The good news is even though the actual holiday is only on a single day many of these activities are spread out so you can enjoy a weeks worth of Halloween.

What activities did we miss?