photo20“It’s like stepping into a postcard.” – Trip Advisor

“Half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees swaying over a white beach, lush tropical plants, and endless sunshine.” – National Geographic

“8th most amazing beach in the world.” – Daily Mail, UK

What are all these people raving about? Is is a beach in California, Malibu or Florida? Not surprisingly there are talking about a beach in Hawaii. Lanikai beach to be exact. Lanikai beach is recognized as not only one of the best beaches in the US but shows up on almost any top beaches list discussing the best beaches worldwide.

Hawaii is knowm for its beautiful beaches, but even among many incredibly beautiful spots Lanikai, which translates to “heavenly sea” stands out among the rest.

Lanikai isn’t a large beach at less than a mile in length it’s easy to miss and not the easiest beach to reach. The beach, like all Hawaiian beaches is public property, however it doesn’t have public parking, showers or lifeguards. This isn’t a beach you come to enjoy the waves as a reef brakes up any waves and prevents them from reaching the shore so the water is always relatively calm.

Like many incredible secrets, they don’t stay a secret for long and the public and tourists are now familiar with the beauty of this beach and flock there frequently, making it now a relatively crowded beach spot on the weekends.

Beautiful white sand and clear blue waters are both features of this exquisite piece of beachfront. One of the uniqe features to its popularity, particularly among photographers, are the two islands in the distance, the Na Mokulua. Both island can be reached by kayak but the southern island is a bird sanctuary so kayakers are prohibited from landing.

It’s important that if you are traveling to this beach you recognize that it is among a residential area so you will end up parking on the street. Be courteous to those that live in the area, make sure not to block anyone’s driverway or trespass.

On your next trip to Hawaii make sure and stop by this beach and witness its beauty first hand. White sands, clear blue waters, it’s everything a perfect beach should be.